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CD, DVD and Blu-Ray Disc Duplication


 Revolve still offers short run CD and DVD duplication services.

Performers still need merchandise - discs make great collectors items.

We offer fully packaged CDs or DVDs with a variety of options

including Eco-friendly cardboard - all delivered on time -

with Revolve's trademark high quality and great service.

Packages Include:

CDs/DVD with "mini record sleeve" 2 panel cardboard jacket

CDs/DVD with "eco wallet" 4 panel cardboard wallet (with pocket)

CD/DVD with "digi-pak" 4 panel cardboard wallet (with clear tray)

Discs are also available in bulk w/no packaging and with other

 jewel cases and cardboard package options.

Contact Revolve today for more information

Call or text: 804-332-6829

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