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Film Conversion to Digital

Transfer 8mm, Super 8, 16mm film to DVD or digital









Revolve's film conversion services can help you transfer old films to a digital format.  Preserving your memories is important to us, and your memories are handled with care. Our film conversion service includes options for flash drives, digital downloads & DVD.

Revolve's frame by frame film scanning process captures each frame of film in a high quality HD/2K format. Enjoy classic moments like they were yesterday!  


All of Revolve's film to digital projects are completed at our Richmond and Newport News - Williamsburg offices. Our team of experts will ensure that your digital copy is of the highest quality, so you can relive great moments for years to come.


*Super8/8mm Film Conversion (Silent) to Digital Pricing:

3' reels: 2 or more - $22.50 per reel

5' to 7' inch larger reels: $0.30 cents per foot

*16mm Film Conversion to Digital Pricing:

High Quality Frame by Frame HD Scanning: $0.40 per foot

Super High Quality Frame by Frame 2K Scanning: $0.60 per foot

Transfer Options:

DVD Copies: $15 first copy/$10 additional copies

Bring Your Own Flash Drive: $10

Revolve Supplied Flash Drive: $17.50

Digital Upload:  Starts at $15

*Pricing is for estimating purposes only and may fluctuate

based on number of films, condition and requested turnaround time. Sound film is priced accordingly.

Bulk discounts applied to larger orders.


$35 Minimum On All Orders


Richmond: 804-332-6829

Newport News: 757-591-0080

Contact Revolve by E-Mail

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