Convert Film Reels to Digital

Transfer 8mm, Super 8, 16mm film to DVD or digital









​Enjoy timeless moments with Revolve's home movie film conversion service. Convert vintage 8mm and Super8 film reels to digital. We offer options for flash drives, digital downloads and DVD discs.

Our frame by frame film scanning process captures each frame of film in full HD. Ready to enjoy the gold old days like they were yesterday!  


All of Revolve's film to digital projects are completed at our Richmond and Newport News - Willamsburg offices. Your film is digitized by hand, in house - handled with care and a focus on the best possible quality.


Standard pricing is for conversion to digital files delivered on a flash drive. DVD copies are priced additionally per DVD copy.


Film Conversion to Digital Pricing:

3' reels: 2 or more - $18.50 per reel

Larger reels: .27 per foot


DVD Copies: $10 each  - Revolve Supplied Flash Drive: $17.50

Digital Upload:  $15

$25 Minimum On All Orders