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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I transfer to digital, DVD disc, or both?

Revolve's standard VHS to digital transfer service converts your videotapes to digital files - returned on a thumb drive or via digital upload. For the long term, it is best to have your memories converted to digital files. You can edit and share your memories with ease. DVD discs are available as an option and are priced additionally. These are transferred to one disc for each tape.  Discs are a good gift option for extended family and friends - or just to have a good old DVD to play and enjoy.

What's your normal turnaround?

Usually about a week or two. Larger collections can take closer to several weeks. Let us know your time frame - expedite rates are available if you need it ASAP.

Can you edit and cleanup footage?

Definitely.  Basic picture and image cleanup is included in all transfers. More detailed cleanup and editing services are available as an extra service. Let us know what you need and we'll get a you fair price.

How Do I Get Started?

Several ways. Call for an estimate or get pricing online. When you’re ready, you can bring your items to either our Hampton Roads or Richmond locations and pick up when order is complete. Or, you can start your order by mail and handle payment online.

What kind of CD/DVD packaging do you offer?

The basic way is to get your discs in bulk. The next step up would be a paper or vinyl sleeve. Many folks like to go with a clear sleeve or jewel case, clamshell or trimpack and let the on disc print be their “cover”.  We also offer retail ready jewel case packages with printed insert and shrinkwrap as well as digipaks and printed “eco” cardboard sleeves.


How about “eco wallets” and digipaks?

A “greener” approach to packaging is definitely the way things are headed. The most common piece we offer is a simple full color printed jacket. Most cardboard products require both printing and gluing to assemble, so the turnaround time is closer to 10 business days. Also, the general of thumb is that the more you do, the cheaper per disc it gets. 


I have a picture I need to be my cover. Will that work?

Revolve can print cover inserts for projects with cases. We can provide templates for your artwork. If you have the pieces, but they need to be laid out for print, we can definitely help. You can send us your pics and text and we can design it from there. Estimates on request.

Any other questions? - Call, email or text. We'll be glad to help!

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